Leaving Granatia

In Granatia there are no more horseinterpreters

they all left

went on and moved away from us

Now it´s only myself

sitting on a stone

having the world in my hand

and still feeling alone

In the land of Grazilia

at the border to Brasilia

in the gardens of Oleo

In colors of Fidelio

I am sitting

and I let them pass

King Palermo in front

rubbing his ass

and still he´s in glory

so true

so new

so much you

A burden just like strawberries

who cry and hope for ginger and cherries

to come

and then realize

there is no one

who can change the world but themselves

Within the center of westminster mall

lived a general with 35 sentences to call

whenever they were rapidly needed

and caressing himself he truly succeded

in life


that was me in Granatia, before cockroaches entered my vain

and green and grass

and the state of burlesque

were the painter and the fork went insane

But hey,

There are no marshmellows in africa

told me the horseinterpreter

and thats why they all went away

Davy Dallas Peng

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