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    A piece of gold fell out of my nose

    May 16, 2022

    A piece of gold fell out of my nose by Davy Dallas Peng


    A piece of gold fell out of my nose

    it was a beautiful piece of gold

    it fell all the way down to my toes

    it was the most beautiful of all

    and it went to the west


    so I wrestled a piece of love from my heart

    I could not help it , i  got a beautiful part

    I simply loved it to death

    and so it became a part of me


    and then I shoved a piece of life

    up my ass

    I just did it

    and it has been

    very easy


    So then I took a piece of truth from my teeth

    I was surprised

    it didn’t smell at all like waste, atomic material or the east


    and so I took it by the hand and said: I would like you to stay for a while.


    It answered: “I do have time until 4pm”. 


    I looked at it and said: “are you kidding me, just until 4?”.


    Just think how long I’ve been picking you out of my teeth…

    And now you say “until 4” you ungrateful piece of shit! *


    Without another greeting the piece of truth went away.


    It left only a torn note on which was written:


    Loving is like peeing,

    just doing it is all the satisfaction

    and the only happiness you can expect.



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