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Davy is a trained dying companion and founder of "SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD - initiative for young dying people". As an author and Songwriter he creates poems, songs and books that help to realize that we all are dying. He says: "When we put death rather in the center of society than putting him aside, we all can live life happier, richer and fearless".

We all are getting older and we all want to die as independant as possible. In order that we can do this, we need to shape death and the time while we will be dying, in a hospice or at home, NOW!

SOME Projects
SUPERHEROES APPAREL Poetry Edition Release SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD RockZone check them out below.

Davy Dallas CV

Davy was born in Germany and first moved to the USA when he was 15. He attended the Maranatha Christian High School in Denver and spent his Senior High years there. After graduating he went back to Germany to study Televison and Movie Arts and American History. He started his life in the media business as a childrens channel host for a german national TV Station.

He started to work as a dying companion after his father died in 1999. Since 2008 he has been travelling back and forth between Germany and the US, where his closest friends and family are living. He published several books and music in germany and will be publishing his first works in english language in 2022 and 2023.