Dying Companionship
for young people

why we need new ways in hospice work
Davy is a trained Dying Companion and supporter of the Hospice Movement for over 20 years. He says: "We need to create new, modern & digital ways to support dying people. We are all dying. And we all stay young until an old age. Beeing young has nothing to do with how old you are. Beeing young is a state of mind." Since Palliative Care makes a Dying Experince without suffering available for all of us, we can focus also on social and cultural needs during the time of transition and during the time right before.
Davy & Jana (first superhero of SHFA)
living life fully
up to the end
Hero Apparel
The question: How can we bring death into the center of society, Davy designed a Street Wear Collection for grieving people. Designed especially for young people.

THE HERO APP - digital Dying Companionship for young people

SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD - Initiative for young dying people