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Publishing of “Live Love & Die Happy”

Book Release

In 2023 Davy will publish his first book in english language "Live Love & Die Happy - how the experience of death enriches our life".

October 2022

“Art of fine dying”

CD Release

In October 2022 we will release an unique Music CD "The art of fine Dying", with 20 Songs and Poems about the joy of having lived. Wonderful artists will interpret lyrics by Davy Dallas Peng, that all circle around death, dying, love and the joy of living.


“50.000 Dollar Bail” – Poems

Book Release

Also in 2023 the Poetry Edition "50.000 Dollar Bail" will be released. Davy presents poems from his former incarnations, his present one and from the ones to follow. A few testimonials from his incarnations you can find aside.

Some favorite projects

September 2021

Single Release


For the german teenage band "RockZone" Davy was allowed to write a brandnew single which was released on september 29th 2021.

February 2022

“Knockin´on Jimmy´s Door”

HERDER Publishing House

Davy´s new book "Knockin´on Jimmy´s Door" was released in february 2022 in german language.


Superheroes fly ahead

New York City / Berlin

Davy´s initiative "Superheroes fly ahead" is a StartUp now. We are working hard ton realize our projects as soon as possible. If you want to know mor about our plans, you can download our WHITE PAPPER below.










Testimonials from former incarnations

Madita Gravin van Holland

Madita Gravin van Holland

1897 - 1931

I had great fun incarnating in the early 20s of the last century. Nevertheless as gravin in these days, I had to overcome a lot of obstacles, just like Davy has to today too. I admire him for his consistent drinking and thinking. Awesome!

Enrico Gärber

Enrico Gärber

1955 - 2029

I lived a great deal in the former DDR, the east part of germany. I was working for the Stasi and I had to force poetry out of people while having them inprisoned. So I was a writer back then in a way too, just like Davy is today. Now I am living in Ulm and I work for a cabaret as a female impersonater.