“Hitler Bunny” by DDP

CD & Musicvideo Release MARY “Noch singe ich” / Music & Lyrics by DDP

“Live Love & Die Happy – how the experience of death enriches our life” OUT 2023

New VIDEO “Existenz” by Zora Hold (Lyrics & Video by Davy Dallas Peng, Music by Ruben Dietze)

“Jesus in miniskirt and with sneakers” by Davy Dallas Peng

Davy Dallas Peng by Hartmut Schoen 2022

Funky Mantra Shirts Collection by Davy Dallas Peng (found in the SHFA COUTURE Shop)

RockZone CD & VideoRelease (Lyrics by DDP – Music by DDP, RockZone & Matthias Heising)

50.000 Dollars Bail – Poems from my current incarnation, from the ones before and the ones after

Art by Davy Dallas Peng

Be Proud Go Pink! feat. Leyla Kay / Lyrics & Composition by DDP

SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD Grieve COUTURE (direct link to the SHOP)

SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD – the initiative by Davy Dallas Peng

I´m gonna die / Lyrics, Composition, Production by DDP

Little Red Corvette (Cover) Unplugged

SHFA Grieve Couture by Davy Dallas Peng to remember your loved ones

Exhibition Samples from Davy´s latest vernissage