Reincarnate yourself!

Death has been a part of my life for over 20 years now. And yet I can´t see him as a negative experience or even as an enemy. I see death as a companion and as something that unites us all. No matter what country we live in, what religion we believe in, what sexual orientation we might have, we are all going to die someday.

I call death “Jimmy”. I have met Jimmy in my private life as well as in my professional work.

Dying is transformation. Like a leef that falls from a tree, we end the life we know and fall into the unknown to transform into something else.

Some may call it reincarnation. A lot of things that I believe in and know for a fact today, I learned by accident.

At this point I always like to tell the story of Harry. I was sitting one day in my apartment in New York, listening to music and trying to understand who or what Jimmy actually is.

I really reconsidered my entire concept of living and dying that evening. I tried to understand what happens during the process of dying. To what extent the body is a shell and what happens to the matter left behind. Is a body dead as soon as the last breath is taken from it? When is a skin cell dead? Can it be revived? And what about our consciousness? Is it dependent on a living body?

I wanted to mix myself a gin and tonic and had neither ice nor lemon in the house. I went over to 7/11 and bought these giant bags of ice cubes and several lemons. Then at home I tried to squeeze the ice bag into my much-too-small icebox, which of course didn’t work. (In the meantime, by the way, I have an ice machine, which I love with all my heart. )

So I took a few ice cubes out of the bag, threw them into the sink, and then contentedly pressed the bag into the icebox. I mixed my gin and tonic, put on some music, I think it was Buddha Bar or something similar, and was about to dim the lights in the kitchen when my eyes fell on the sink and the ice cubes lying in it.

I leaned against the cabinet with my gin in hand, music on my ears, and watched the ice cubes melt. One in particular. I called him Harry.

Harry very gently lost his shape.

I stood there and looked, drank and breathed until Harry had completely lost his form and disappeared in the sink. Just as my body will disappear one day,too.

I said quietly, “Goodbye Harry,” and thought, “How do you actually kill an ice cube?”

Sure, I can break it, I can melt it, but then it just changes its shape, then it’s just water. And then? How do I kill water?

I can boil it until it evaporates, but then it’s still not dead, it’s water vapor. And how do I kill water vapor? No matter what I do, I can change the shape of the ice cube, but I can’t kill it. I can’t make it so that the molecules that make it up, that make it exist, that those no longer exist.

And then I understood: Harry is alive!

And if this is so with Harry, with every skin cell, why should it be any different with us?

Reincarnate yourself!

With my artistic work and the work of my initiative “Superheroes fly ahead” I want to reincarnate our lifes to the most possible good life that we can live.

We can transform at any point in our life to whatever we want to be.

That is a powerfull knowledge, that I have learned from dying people and from encounters that I had all over the world with spiritual teachers.

In my upcoming book “Live Love & Die happy” I will explain in detail how a happier life is possible by understanding the act and the fine art of dying.