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    Shaping Death – Now!

    June 19, 2022

    To be aware of one’s own mortality is for many people a burden, a fear factor that has to be suppressed. The conscious contact with death often leads to the fact that the own life is lived more beautifully, more intensively and more consciously. Only those who are aware of their own mortality can also live consciously. To shape life according to one’s own needs. Not someday, but now. I decided at some point, it was not a day but a process, that I want to live my life, to arrange it so that my last day can come at any time. I want to have an empty basement, a planned funeral, a suitcase full of memories and no open 2do list.


    It actually started when I could no longer find joy in possessions. Every box in the closet, every unworn piece of clothing, every piece of furniture that I wasn’t really using seemed like nothing more than dead weight. And so I began to say goodbye to all the things I didn’t need to live.I threw away entire boxes from the basement without even once looking through them anymore. I thought, if I have not looked in there now 5 years, then I will probably not miss the things in the future.Sure, we all want to leave something, something that remains. That can be with security also things.


    However, there are also other ways to leave traces, in which you make sure that people remember you fondly. By passing on knowledge. By creating something lasting. That starts with the recipe and does not stop with a poem or a story.With the time came more and more the desire to provide also already now for my funeral. I found both with my father and with my mother this walk in the funeral home very unattractive. In addition then really high amounts of money, which one had to find first and above all also the emergency, did not know, how one makes it correctly.


    In the meantime I have a death benefit insurance and have given out the slogan to my friends and family: Do it the way you like it. It is your party. I have only one wish, that my friend Miss Jessica Walker stands in front of the funeral home and hands out Welcome Drinks. Well, and for one or the other program point I have an idea. But for that there is a list right next to the death benefit policy.Why am I telling you this? Because I would like to tell you from this experience, from this way of life, simply as information, that we do not have to be afraid of dealing with death. On the contrary! This way of living frees me from day to day more and more to say the things you want to say. Experiencing the things you want to experience.


    Walking the paths one likes to walk. Now! Not sometime.


    I just finished working on my first CD in english language a few weeks ago, I thought again: Now I can die. Everything I have to say so far can be found on it, can be heard. And again I felt an enormous freedom. Namely, not having the feeling of having to do anything yet. All the more I am looking forward to every new day that I can live free of desires, free of pressure to succeed, free of fear. And I would like to have many more. I am reassured that I can now say to my friends: When I die, you just have to do a quick damp mop in the apartment.



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